Mr. Askin’s labours were commenced fifteen years ago and reached its final stage after going
through many a lot phases. Books, magazines, memoirs written about Canakkale/Gallipoli
Campaign were searched thoroughly. The rapid evolution of internet technology much helped
in clarifying some vague facts.

Hundreds of photographs of the ships, even blue-prints of some, were studied to avoid any
discrepancies. In consequence significant ships that took part in the Dardanelles and the seas
around during the 1915 GALLIPOLI CAMPAIGN were first time brought together in this collection,
each with her own elegance and majestic.

This collection, when exhibited, is anticipated to plug the relatively less mentioned maritime side
of the GALLIPOLI CAMPAIGN of WORLD WAR 1 the centenary of which is already approaching, to
provide some more information for its spectators, and also to help much in keeping the maritime
passion alive.

Technique of the paintings:
Original paintings are produced as mixed medium technique (ink/acryl/aquarell) on paper of 22×44
centimeters. Oil was used with some crucial dyes. Mr. Askin initially drew each ship with utmost details
using pencil only, then fixed them with waterproof ink, and finally painted adding sea or land in the
background. As the ships generally cruised in the Aegean Sea and around the Gallipoli Peninsula during
the 1915 Campaign, resemblances were painted as backgrounds.

“Gallipoli Campaign in Maritime”, as being the main theme of the collection, eventually inspired Mr. Askin
to produce a book in order to tell and display more about these unforgettable ships. In due course, he
completed layout for a 23×33 cm sized book about 250 pages.

The facing 66 pages of those with potraits of 66 ships will display the stories and technical details, thus total
132 pages will cover them. The downlisted and other subjects are planned to take place on the remaining
pages enrichened with other details, original photographs and maps:

It is believed that there are many fans of the battleships of 1900s. The aim of producing such a book is not solely to quench the passion of a hobby but more to comprehensively introduce these ships in their own air of those bygone days.

“A TRIBUTE TO THE SHIPS OF THE DARDANELLES & GALLIPOLI CAMPAIGN / 1914 – 1918” is hoped to be a Maritime Memorial at the centenary of one the most important part of the history of mankind.


krug_2_0 Production, marketing and sale of paintings of ships on
poster, postcards, albums, t- or polo-shirts, mugs, glasses
or other kind of memorabilia is subject to be negotiated.